Lokkit is introduced by red hat linux

Published: 16th February 2011
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At the rate with which the IT industry is growing, a large number of people see this as an extremely lucrative career option. Computer hardware and networking has become an area of great scope and a large number of people are generously pursuing this course. India needs its citizens to be extremely efficient in managing this sector if she wants to progress rapidly and be known as a developed country. There are a number of various institutions that train their students in computer hardware and networking programs and impart a lot of hands down knowledge to their students too. One of the institutions that has become highly popular and has a cutting edge over the rest of the institutions is jetkings.

Jetkings has the best programs to offer to their students and a number of including that of red hat and CISCO. The red hat introduced red hat Linux that became an extremely popular linux based operating system. This was the first in the linux that used RPM package manager for its packaging format and gradually became a starting point for various other distributions like the yellow dog linux and the mandriva linux.

For the benefit of the enterprise environment, red hat linux paved way for the red hat enterprise linux since the year 2004. Red hat Linux had a number of advantages. For example, it had a graphical installer that was known as anaconda and this proved to be extremely convenient for novices to use. This installer has now been adopted b y a number of other distributors too due to its convenient usage. Another built in tool that was introduced by red hat linux is the lokkit which is effectively used to configure the firewall capabilities.

The red hat Linux a number of shortcomings as it lacked a number of features. But this was because they had to face a number of patent and copyright problems. For instance MP3 supporter was not available since it had patents. This however could be installed later by giving royalties. It was for this reason that red hat linux advised to the usage of ogg vorbis that had no patent.

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